Welcome to the official 'The Glow Inc.' website.

The Glow Inc. is the project of musician and composer Cristian GUTI.
After he received a classical training from 1990 to 1999, he decided to learn how to play guitar and found a deep interest into computer-assisted music creation, but also in the tales of H.P Lovecraft, the music of Nine Inch Nails, and the art of H.R GIGER.

Twelve years later, you can hear his work in projects such as Olympus 2207, N.O.W, Fallout Online : Desert Europe, or on his latest solo effort, 'The Cockroach Sessions' album that was released in February 2012. However, his influences made quite a lasting impression on him and his music does not consist of run-of-the-mill, generic soundscapes. It is the fruit of a creative yet disturbed mind. The Glow Inc. deals with dark tales of rust, steam, and ancient Gods that dwell on the ocean floor.

Lurk through the following pages with caution !